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Advanced NDT Ltd.
Unit 4, Elgar Business Centre
Moseley Road, Hallow
T: 01905 371 460
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Photo 1: Raptor Imaging Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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Raptor Imaging Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Date: 28/10/2014

By: Tracey Mullins



If you require an inspection tool capable of detecting and mapping corrosion, disbonds, delaminations impact damage etc in composite structures etc, then the RAPTOR, our new ultrasonic flaw detector is designed for you.


Detecting and monitoring areas of damage etc in critical composite structures is a growing requirement. Equipment capable of producing C-scan mapping of areas in the field can be expensive and complicated to use. The Raptor is unique in that it may be used as a conventional flaw detector for everyday use and if a problem is detected, may be used to map out the problem area to assist any repair requirements. 

The RAPTOR is a high performance Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with a large colour display, both  spike and square wave pulsers, DAC, Weld Trigonometry, two  gates and all the features you might expect from a top quality flaw detector!

What makes the RAPTOR Imaging Ultrasonic Flaw Detector unique is that it can produce live A, B and C-Scans!

Couple the RAPTOR Imaging Ultrasonic Flaw Detector to any of a wide range of scanners and it produces live C-scans to map corrosion, etc. The scanners can be manual or motorised, including new battery powered scanners making this system truly portable.  The scanners are usually attached to ferromagnetic materials with magnetic wheels and driven across the surface to produce the recording. The scan resolution is selectable from 0.010” to 2.00” allowing very fast or very detailed imaging as required.

The data is collected as a live C-scan (colour map) which, when completed, may be displayed as a B-scan (slices through perpendicular axis) with the ability to show the minimum or maximum reading, a 3-D presentation to show the extent of the damage in an easy to understand format or in a Zoom mode where the actual readings at any point may be displayed. All the data is directly exportable to standard spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

Portable C-scan recording systems have, in the past, been quite expensive but the RAPTOR is available at a similar price to standard flaw detectors.

Contact Advanced NDT limted for further information & pricing.

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