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AVA Ltd.
Unit 1, Monkton Park
Farnham Trading Estate
T: 01252 733 040
W: Anti Vibration Mounts & Mountings

MS 236 Avacone Mountings

Part no: MS 236 Avacone Mountings

Here at A.V.A. Ltd. we specialise in the design and manufacture of Rubber Antivibration Mountings. Our mountings are available in many different designs that can be used to suit a variety of applications. One of the products we manufacture includes the MS 236 Avacone Mountings, designed to offer flexibility in the axial direction but limited movement radially. The features of our MS 236 Series include: Compact design Can usually be installed into existing chassis members Can be supplied fitted in a pedestal base. & more. Typical applications include the mounting of: Gearboxes and transmission equipment Liquid storage tanks Mobile generating sets Mobile compressors Marine engines Radiators Vehicle cab mountings For more detailed information and a full specification visit our website. There are other products within this series available. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: MS 236 Avacone Mountings

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