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Applied Pumps Ltd.
Cobnar Wood Close
Sheepbridge Industrial Estate
S41 9RQ
T: 01246 260102
F: 01246 260103
W: Applied Pumps Ltd.

Screw Pumps

Part no: Screw Pumps

Here at Applied Pumps Ltd. we are a leading supplier of gear pumps, filtration equipment, bulk flow meters, vacuum pumps and blowers.

We offer a range of products at Applied Pumps Ltd. and one of the products within this range is Screw Pumps.

Screw Pumps can be used in a range of industries such as;

Manufacturing & Process
Inks, Paints & Coatings
Oil & Gas
Renewable Energy
Fuels & Oils

Some of the advantages of our Screw Pumps are;

The intimate nature of the screws means volumetric efficiency is high versus other positive displacement pump designs
A robust design and balanced nature enables very high pressures
These pumps are intrinsically smooth and quiet
The simplicity of design makes this pump relatively cheap to produce versus other rotary positive displacement pumps.
Viscous fluids that a centrifugal pump would be unable to handle are easily moved with a screw pump

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