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Advanced NDT Ltd.
Unit 4, Elgar Business Centre
Moseley Road, Hallow
T: 01905 371 460
W: Advanced NDT Ltd.

  • 1: Avenger EZ Flaw Detector
  • 2: Avenger EZ Flaw Detector
  • 3: Avenger EZ Flaw Detector
  • 4: Avenger EZ Flaw Detector

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Avenger EZ Flaw Detector


Avenger EZ - Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Product Code: AVENGER EZ

Avenger EZ - Hand-Held - Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The Avenger EZ - Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

A revolutionary new concept in Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors! The Avenger EZ is a small, lightweight but robust hand-held ultrasonic flaw detection unit with a large clear LCD Display. The All New, High Performance, Avenger EZ Ultrasonic Flaw Detector. This NEW Miniature Ultrasonic Flaw Detector offers a high speed rep rate, real time 320x240 pixel (QVGA) A-Trace (40Hz update) display, Distance Amplitude Flaw Gating (DAG), Weld Trig, Freeze and Insta-Freeze for Spot Weld Applications, Precision Thickness Measurement capability, combined Flaw & Thickness Mode, 2 Megabyte of memory for substantial storage capability, USB connectivity, High Speed Scrolling & Encoded B- Scan, IP & IF Gating, Adjustable Damping, Robust rubberised top and bottom caps help protect the Avenger from a 5 foot drop to concrete, new scratch resistant LCD screen cover and more... The Avenger EZ Ultrasonic Flaw Detector once again sets the standard in performance.

Split-view is Dual Timebase feature allowing the user to view the full range of the area under inspection in one window while at the same time presenting the user with a resizeable second window. The second window has a separately adjustable, Range and Delay. The second window can be fixed a a specific place in time or set to automatically track (Auto-track) an echo over a predefined level. Split-view also provides the ability to resize the top to bottom window proportion. For instance, the top window can be set to 10% of the available active display while the lower window would be 90%. Split-view can be turned off to use the entire screen for a single large waveform display.

SplitScan is a operating mode allowing the user to view the active waveform while performing a Real Time B-Scan, whether timed or encoded. The feature gives the user positive feedback and identification of indications such as corrosion and pitting in real time.

AutoTrack is a feature where the second window has a separately adjustable, Range and Delay. The second window can be fixed a a specific place in time relative to the main upper window or set to Automatically Track (AutoTrack) an echo over a predefined level. While in AutoTrack, the echo being tracked will display in the centre of the lower window regardless of the actual place it is in time. This features allows the user to easily view where on the echo waveform the gauge is monitoring in a zoomed fashion .

• Lightweight, hand-held
• Split-screen, A-trace, B-scan
• USB, data logging, alarm modes 
• Standard package includes instrument, Pelican style shipping/storage Hard Carry case, manual, batteries and AC charger 
• Splitscan view- Display A-Trace and B-scan simultaneously
• AutoTrack- Auto Tracking Zoom
• Dual A-Trace Splitview
• Multiple Gate capability
• Peak Echo hold: fixed or unique timed 'waterfall' reset
• Calibration- Range, Delay, Zero and Velocity
• Multiple probe capability (can use many probe types and makes) 
• Auto probe recognition or library selectable
• Adjustable Gain
• Back light- on/off/auto
• Alarm modes- LED thickness high, low or high/low
• Programmable user set-ups
• Encoded B-scan, (scanner optional)
• Time encoded B-scan
• Screen freeze mode, freeze and save
• DAC- Distance Amplitude Correction (Optional extra) 
• AWS - Calculations (Optional extra)

Applications Include: 
• Chemical milling
• Investment Castings
• Turbine blades
• Weld Inspections 
• Crack Detection 
• Tube and Pipe
• Tanks
• Boilers
• Glass
• Metals 
• Plastics 
• Composites 
• Glass 
• Rubber

Contact us at Advanced NDT Limited for further details & pricing.

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