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  • 1: DAKOTA ZX1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
  • 2: DAKOTA ZX1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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DAKOTA ZX1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


Dakota ZX-1 Simple Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges


Product Code: DAKOTA ZX1

The Dakota ZX-1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge can be pre-programmed for a specific material type using a simple PC program. The ZX-1 is an excellent choice for users that measure the same material type all the time, and do not have the need to re- calibrate to different materials on the fly. Please Note: The material velocity must be known prior to programming. The Dakota MX-1 will hold a single velocity, making it the perfect choice for applications where only one material is being tested day after day. With the pre-set velocity in this gauge, you simply turn it on and go to work. The tools' backlit display is easy to read, even in dim light conditions, and the unit operates for up to 200 hours on a single set of AA batteries. The ZX-1 comes complete, ready to use, and is protected by Dakota Ultrasonics five year limited warranty

Applications include:
• Corrosion & Pitting 
• Tube & Pipe 
• Tanks 
• Boilers 
• Glass 
• Variety of Applications

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 10 ounces
Size: 2.5 W x 4.75 H x 1.25 D inches 63.5 W x 120.7 H x 31.8 D mm
Operating Temperature: -20 to 120F (-20 to 50C)
Case: Extruded aluminium body / nickel plated aluminium end caps. Resistant to impact and environmentally sealed.
Keypad Sealed membrane that is resistant to both water and petroleum products. Six tactile-feedback keys.
Transducer Dual element (transmit and receive). 1 to 10 MHz frequency range. Locking quick disconnect Lemo connectors. 4 foot cable. Custom transducers available for special applications.
Power Source Two 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V Ni-cad AA cells. Typically operates for 200 hours on alkaline and 130 hours on Ni-cad.
Display Multi-function 4.5 digit liquid crystal display with 0.500 inch numerals, backlit for use in poor light conditions. Measurements displayed in inches, inches/microsecond, millimetres, and meters/second. Bar graph indicates stability or reading.
Software Comes complete with cable and software to transfer the velocity to the gauge.
Certification Factory calibration traceable to national standards.
Warranty 5 year limited.

Measuring Range: Measures from 0.025 to 19.999 inches (0.63 to 500 millimetres) switch to select English or metric units.
Resolution: 0.001 inch (0.01 millimetre)
Velocity Range: .0492 to .3937 in/m s 1250 to 10,000 meters/sec
Built-in: Stainless steel reference disk for probe zeroing. Four readings per second for single point measurements.
Velocity Settings: The ZX-1 has 1 custom velocity setting programmed via a PC.

Other Models: Other Dakota models are available please contact us for more details Other Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are also available including our most popular Ultrasonic Thickness Tester the NOVA TG110-DL.

The ZX-1 comes complete, ready to use, and is protected by Dakota Ultrasonics five year limited warranty.

Contact Advanced NDT Limited for further details and pricing.

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