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  • 1: NOVA TG900 Series Precision Thickness Gauge
  • 2: NOVA TG900 Series Precision Thickness Gauge
  • 3: NOVA TG900 Series Precision Thickness Gauge
  • 4: NOVA TG900 Series Precision Thickness Gauge

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NOVA TG900 Series Precision Thickness Gauge

Part no: NOVA TG 900 SERIES

Nova TG 900 Series Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges


Product Code: NOVA TG 900, NOVA TG 910, NOVA TG 930 & NOVA TG 950

Nova TG 900 Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

The Nova TG 900 Series of Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges The Nova TG 900 Series Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are now available in both hand-held and bench top versions, from 4 key simple to full featured. Some standard features include High Speed Pulse Rep Rate, 0.0001 Resolution to a minimum of 0.0035 (probe & application dependent) Auto-set, B-Scan and 50,000 Point Logger as well as storage of 30 custom user Set- ups on 930 Hand-held & 950 Bench top, Delta Mode, High & Low Alarms, Thickness/velocity readout, High Speed LED Numeric Display (readable up to 10 feet away) and LCD Menu display on Bench Top, High Contrast LCD Display on Hand Held, English/Metric units, RS-232C on Hand Held as well as RS232 and USB digital I/O port on Bench Top, NiMH batteries, scope outputs, AC power module/battery charger.

• High-Resolution (0.0001in, 0.0025mm)
• Simple to use
• Auto probe recognition

The Nova 900 Series represents the latest release and a dramatic advancement in portable precision ultrasonic thickness gauges. A proprietary monolithic integrated circuit chip and a highly advanced micro-computerized design have permitted the achievement of performance levels considered only conceptual, The outgrowth of this technology has been the development of three portable and two Bench top models in the Nova 900 Series. These ruggedized, highly stable models have been carefully designed to offer a choice of features to best suit the application level, gauging environment and user preference.

All five models provide the identical base gauging performance, with variations in options and the supporting features. The Nova 910 and Nova 950 incorporate a backlit LCD menu display AND a bright LED numeric display which improves view ability at a distance. The Nova 910 thickness tester is a basic gauge emphasizing operational simplicity for the more straightforward, less demanding applications. Precisely measuring material wall thickness from just one side. The Nova 950's offer a wide variety of supporting features including 50,000 point Data Logger, User set-up parameters can be modified and stored, High/Low alarms, Industry First Scan Bar, Scrolling 'B' Scan and more. Auto-set... Incorporated Into All Models Auto-set is the most outstanding feature ever designed into an ultrasonic thickness gage. It automatically recognizes the transducer which has been selected for a given application and then automatically sets all corresponding circuit parameters for peak performance... WITHOUT expensive 2 or 3 pole custom cables. A simple and easily available BNC probe cable is all that is required. Auto-set's elaborate software program issues digital commands to optimize and properly set the pulser characteristics, transducer damping and zero (auto-zero), receiver characteristics, a host of logic and gating functions, the thickness readout range (auto-range) and gaging precision. Another program, operational during calibration, even "recognizes" the basic class of material being gaged and automatically refines the measurement accuracy. Velocity control: Calibration is performed by either entering the know ultrasonic velocity for the material being gaged or by setting up on a known thickness of the material. Conversely, material velocity can be measured for material of known thickness. Advanced Pulser / Receiver Featured is a highly advanced pulser receiver system which operates under automatic microprocessor control. Auto-set commands the pulser/receiver to set the proper balance between system sensitivity and bandwidth for each selected application (transducer). The receiver's design includes digitally controlled AGC (automatic gain control), DAC (distance amplitude correction) and polarity. A unique dual pulser circuit substantially enhances performance, The net result is remarkable resolving power for thin materials and exceptional penetrating power Power is provided by both a rechargeable 'AA' batteries ( user replaceable via back panel) and a universal AC plug in adapter. A power divider circuit permits the AC adapter to independently power the gage, as well as simultaneously charge its battery pack. Thus, continuous operation is always assured from an AC line source, regardless of battery condition or charge level. A battery low charge level indicator is included, while a power cut-off circuit automatically protects the battery pack from unintentional over or discharge. Also to conserve battery charge level, the gage automatically turns itself off if not used after a short time.

Available on the Nova 930 & Nova 950 Only 
• Extra Modes: Select from factory pre-set set-ups or Modify & Save up to 30 user definable set-ups or let Auto-set do the work! 
• Industry's First Scan-bar displays an analogue representation of current thickness 
• The Delta mode; plus and minus variations from a selected nominal thickness. 
• The industry's FASTEST Responding, Adjustable HI/LO Alarms can be set, even activating a front panel LED in an optional Alarm Light Transducer. 500 Hz Acquisition Rate!! 
• "TMin" displays the minimum thickness detected across a surface scan 500 Hz Acquisition Rate!!. 
• The Modify mode stores up to 30 application set-ups in memory. 
• 2 Point Calibration Provides optimum accuracy where geometry may need to be considered 
• Lock provides added protection against accidentally altering the controls. 
• On-board Data Logger: Over 50,000 thickness readings and locations can be stored in memory. The stored data can be sent through the USB or RS232C port to a computer.

Applications & Transducers There are a broad array of Nova Auto-set transducers available for the Nova 900 Series. Rather than offer many thickness gages dedicated to various applications, the transducer actually sets a single gage to optimize for a given application. Transducers available include contact, delay line, bubbler, immersion as well as the ability to custom configure a probe to an application and assign it an Auto-set "channel"

Just a few of the applications supported include: Chemical Milling, investment castings such as turbine blades for aerospace or power generation, wax castings, steel, aluminium, plastics, composite materials, fibreglass, rubber, cast parts and more...

Technical Specifications 
• Principle: Pulse-echo Ultrasonic
• (microcomputer-controlled)
• Applications: Metals, plastics, composites, glass, rubber
• Model Choices: 
   o Bench top - 910 & 950
   o Hand-held - Nova 900 & 930
• Digital Display:
   o Hand-held - 128x64 Backlit, Graphic LCD 
   o Bench top - 4.5 digit LED Numeric Display with 128x64 Backlit, Graphic Menu Display
• Digital Range: English: 0.0032 to 19.999 inches 
• Metric: 0.082,000mm (depends upon material and transducer)
• Digital Resolution: 0.0001"
• English Metric - Menu Selected
• ±0.0001 2 inches ±0.001 20mm
• ±0.001 20 inches ±0.01 200mm
• ±0.01 200 inches ±0.1 2000mm
• Gauging Accuracy: Approaches digital resolution (function of variations in material, couplant and electronics)
• Outputs/inputs: RS232C bidirectional port, scope/analogue outputs (all models), command module bidirectional port (+ models) 
• Velocity Control: all models
• Power Supply (All Models): Rechargeable NiMH pack (removable), 2 'AA' cells, 4 hours maximum charging time; Universal AC adapter for independent operation or charging. (see text); alkaline batteries may be substituted
• Special Features on All Models: Auto-set, advanced pulser-receiver (see text)
• Extra Features on Model 930 & 950: See Above
• Options: Programmable user set-ups
• Accessories: Complete line of Nova 900 Series transducers available. Also backward compatible with Nova 800 Series Transducers
• Size: 
  o Bench top - English: 3" High x 8" Wide x 7"Deep 
  o Bench top - Metric: 76.2mm x 203mm x 178mm 
  o Hand-held - English: 5" H x 3"W x 1.2"D 
  o Hand-held - Metric: (127mm,H x 76.2mm W x 30.5mm D)
• Weight:
  o Bench top - 2.5 pounds (1.6 kg) including batteries 
  o Handheld - 0.8lb (0.36kg) including batteries 
• Warranty: One year (excludes batteries and transducer)
• Specifications subject to change without notice

Contact Advanced NDT Limited for further information & pricing.

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