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Advanced NDT Ltd.
Unit 4, Elgar Business Centre
Moseley Road, Hallow
T: 01905 371 460
W: Advanced NDT Ltd.

  • 1: Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Range
  • 2: Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Range
  • 3: Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Range
  • 4: Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Range

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Range


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges - Range

Product Code: Nova TG110-DL, ZX-1, ZX-2, PX-7, Nova TG 900, Nova TG 910, Nova TG 930, Nova TG 950, Nova TG410

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges allowing you to measure from one side only, ideal for many material wall thickness testing applications. From Simple Fixed Velocity Ultrasonic Thickness Testers to High Speed On-line Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging.

Ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) is a method of performing non-destructive measurement (gauging) of the local thickness of a solid element (typically made of metal, if using ultrasound testing for industrial purposes) basing on the time taken by the ultrasound wave to return to the surface. This type of measurement is typically performed with an ultrasonic thickness gauge.

• Non-destructive technique 
• Does not require access to both sides of the sample 
• Can be engineered to cope with coatings, linings, etc 
• Good accuracy (0.1 mm and less) can be achieved using standard timing techniques 
• Can be easily deployed, does not require laboratory conditions

The SIUI CTS-30A & CTS-30B is a small, lightweight Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge which offers exceptional value for money. Ideal for basic testing applications

Nova TG110-DL 
A Simple to use, Hand-held, robust, general purpose Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge.
• Class leading performance for the price
• Auto Probe Recognition 
• Time encoded B-scan
• USB, data logging, alarm modes 

Suitable for many applications including:- Corrosion Monitoring Wall Thickness Measurement Casting / Moulding Thickness Testing

Dakota ZX-1
Simple fixed velocity Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Nova TG 900 Series 
Hand Held & Bench top Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges 
Features Include: 
• High-Resolution (0.0001in, 0.0025mm) 
• Simple to use
• Auto probe recognition 
• Optional Data Logger 
• B-Scan Display 
Models Available: Nova TG 900, Nova TG 910, Nova TG 930 & Nova TG 950

Nova TG 410 
A range of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges with a high resolution A-Scan display to verify the thickness reading.
Available as Basic, General Purpose, Precision & Combination Versions.
Features include: 
• Data Logger 
• A-Scan Display 
• B-Scan Display

Sidewinder CB110 Sonic Tester 
Designed Specifically for AUTOMOTIVE Inspection requirements. Applications include Cylinder Bore Inspection, Head Porting, Chassis & Body Members, Roll Cage Thickness Inspection and More... 
Features include: 
• Cylinder bore wall thickness
• Data logging, results mapping
• Scrolling scan view
• Special probes and fixtures
• USB, data logging, alarm modes

Contact Advanced NDT Ltd to discuss your application and requirements and for further information & pricing.

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