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JMS Transformers Ltd.
20 Alpha Park
Mallard Road, Bretton
T: 01733 760000
M: 01733 760004
F: 01733 760004
W: JMS Transformers Ltd.

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3 Phase Transformers

Here at JMS Transformers Ltd. we specialise in the manufacture of standard and non-standard transformers 

One of the products we offer our customers includes 250 KPH 3 Phase transformers.

Key Features include:

50VA up to 2MVA
Three phase double wound 250kva with primary taps of +/-5% & +/- 10%
Auto transformers have the advantage of being smaller and cheaper than double wound transformers.
We can manufacture virtually any size, dependant on voltage.
Any type of termination can be incorporated into the design of our transformers
Fused in and outputs
Other styles included: . i.e. screw terminals, rail mounted, din rail mounted, shrouded, studs and fly leads
Custom requests are designed and built quickly and efficiently
Swift delivery

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Trade Link: 3 Phase Transformers

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