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ARW Transformers Limited
Thornliebank Industrial Estate

G46 8JF
T: 0141 638 1031
W: ARW Transformers Limited

Single-Phase Voltage Transformers

Here at ARW Transformers Limited we specialise in the manufacture of high-quality voltage & current transformers.

Within our range of voltage transformers is the single ratio, untapped transformers fitted with earth screens & Class B temperature rated materials.


Features include:

Windings are bought out to flying leads 300mm long and are rated for 720V systems
Terminal Board with Stockblock Terminals
Frame mounted terminal block
Mounting in a metal enclosure
Tapped Windings
Printed Circuit Board Transformers also available
NOTE: 7.2kV system voltages are possible with some design modification.


Please call our team to discuss your needs

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Trade Link: Single-Phase Voltage Transformers

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