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ARW Transformers Limited
Thornliebank Industrial Estate

G46 8JF
T: 0141 638 1031
W: ARW Transformers Limited

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Wound and Bar

Here at ARW Transformers Limited we specialise in the manufacture of high-quality voltage & current transformers.

Our Wound and Bar units are primarily for measuring overcurrent and earth leakage protection in motor control boards and switchgear.

3.6 / 7.2kV Resin-Cast Wound:

Low reactance
Compact design
Coils are completely cast in epoxy resin
Can be supplied in two different sizes for each ratio
Each unit is supplied with terminal screws and mounting brackets at no extra charge
The maximum insulation levels are 7.2/20/60kV with a Short Time Current of 5kA for 1 second


12kV Bar Primary Current Transformer

High conductivity flat copper bar construction
Copper bar is contained in a synthetic resin bonded paper tube filled with epoxy resin
Designed to cover BS3938, BS7626, IEC185 and BSEN 60044-1
Either cotton tape dipped in varnish or black PVC tape finish
The secondary current is normally 5 Amps, but other secondary currents can be supplied
Class and accuracy are typically 0.5 or 1.0 for metering and 5P10 for protection



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