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Best Engineering Services Limited
84 Claude Rd
Greater Manchester
M21 8DF
T: 0161 881 1511
F: 0161 900 4490
W: Engineering & Maintenance Products

Constaflo Valves

Part no: Constaflo Valves

Here at Best Engineering Services Ltd we specialise in the the supply of quality industrial engineering equipment.

One of the product ranges we offer our customers includes Constaflo Valves.

The CONSTAFLO is a simple water flow controller using a patented device that ensures the maintenance of flow rates within +/- l0% of its rated capacity when operating within the limits of temperature and pressure shown on data sheet.

For more information on our Constaflow Valves, please visit our website.

Please click on the link for more information.

Trade Link: Constaflo Valves

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