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Hartle IGE Ltd
St Pauls Trading Estate
Huddersfield Road
SK15 2QF
T: 0161 303 7394
W: Metal-working,industrial-solution,garage-equipment

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Metal Jerry Cans

Part no: Metal Jerry Cans (Standard Bay

Here at Hartle IGE Ltd we specialise in the supply of quality and of innovative solutions for the industrial workplace.

One of the ranges of products we offer is Metal Gerry Cans.

This comprehensive range includes painted and internally coated steel Gerry cans for use with water, petrol diesel, solvents, and chemicals.  All Gerry cans comply to UN specification, approval ref. 6210/3A1.

Products in this range include:

JC05A Gerry Can
JC10A Gerry Can
JC20A Gerry Can
JCSR Pouring Spout
JCSF Pouring Spout
JCSFA Pouring Spout
JCSU Pouring Spout
Spare Seal – JCS
KP102J Plastic Jerry Can Pump
POLA Syphon Pump

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

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Trade Link: Metal Gerry Cans

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