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AJ Weighing Ltd.
Scale House, (Jeffrey Estates)
T: 01228 672400
F: 07092 884848
W: AJ Weighing Ltd.

Compact Bench Scales

Part no: Compact Bench Scales

Our Compact Bench Scales are economically priced compact units that offer low to mid-range operation for simple weighing needs, and they are part of our Bench Scales Range. The products in our Compact Bench Scale Range are all in one devices, and include: Versa-portion®, Rice Lake Weighing Systems Ohaus Navigator Compact Scale Ishida iPC-WP Portable Bench Scales Ishida iPC Series Portable Bench Scale All of which have an indicator built right into the scale base. Other ranges of Bench Scales are available. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Compact Bench Scales

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