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AJ Weighing Ltd.
Scale House, (Jeffrey Estates)
T: 01228 672400
F: 07092 884848
W: AJ Weighing Ltd.

Compact/Portable Balances

Part no: Compact/Portable Balances

Our Compact/Portable Balances offer convenience thanks to their small size and mobility, and they are part of the wide range of Balances we offer. Our range of Compact / Portable Balances used for low-resolution weighing in grams includes: Equipoise® Series, Rice Lake Weighing Systems TC Series, Rice Lake Weighing Systems EJ Newton Series, A&D Weighing HJ-150 Pocket Scale, A&D Weighing And many more These models are not typically intended for high-volume usage. We have other Balances in our range. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Compact/Portable Balances

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