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AJ Weighing Ltd.
Scale House, (Jeffrey Estates)
T: 01228 672400
F: 07092 884848
W: AJ Weighing Ltd.

Micro and Semi-Micro Balances

Part no: Micro and Semi-Micro Balances

Our Micro and Semi-Micro Balances are part of the wide range of Balances we offer. The devices in this range are typically used for weighing very small samples, to resolutions as small as five to seven decimal places. Our range of Micro and Semi-Micro Balances includes: Cubis Series Semi-Micro and Analytical, Sartorius Mechatronics CPA Series Micro, Sartorius Mechatronics Orion HR Series, A&D Weighing GH Phoenix Series, A&D Weighing In order to achieve maximum precision and performance, our Ultra sensitive micro and semi-micro models come with a weighing chamber/breeze break. We have many other Balances in our range. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Micro and Semi-Micro Balances

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