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AJ Weighing Ltd.
Scale House, (Jeffrey Estates)
T: 01228 672400
F: 07092 884848
W: AJ Weighing Ltd.

MotoWeigh® Grading & Sorting

Part no: MotoWeigh® Grading & Sorting

The MotoWeigh® Grading & Sorting allows you to automate and streamline your sorting and classifying processes for nearly any type of meat, and is part of our In-Motion Weighing range. Some of the features include: Stainless steel construction options with food grade belting for harsh environments Designed for easy daily washdown and cleanup Divert accuracy accomplished with distance-based encoding (not time based) Multiple bin and slide options User friendly interface with multiple reports and sorting configurations Yield Rates are captured electronically which permits better record keeping while maximizing profits and reducing classification errors. Other In-Motion Weighing Products are available. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: MotoWeigh® Grading & Sorting

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