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Carrs Welding Technologies Ltd
Unit 2, Henson Park
Telford Way Industrial Estate
NN16 8PX
T: 01536 412828
W: Carrs Welding

Photo 1: Precision Tooling Repairs

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Precision Tooling Repairs

Here at Carrs Welding we specialise in precision high performance laser welding services.

Since the 1990’s, tooling repair has been the mainstay of Carrs business. With laser welding we are able to repair intricate metal components.

Key Features include:

Weld spots down to 0.3mm in diameter or about one tenth the size of a TIG weld
Incredible accuracy and control
Improved visibility throughout the process
Capable of incredible detail - from detailed parts of a mould to a mechanism for a complex clock, or the blemish of a rust spot on the barrel of a cherished shotgun
Repair rather than replacement can be more economical and can reduce waste


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Trade Link: Precision Tooling Repairs

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