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AAC Eurovent Ltd.
Unit K, Maybrook Industrial Estate
Maybrook Road, Brownhills
West Midlands
T: 0844 4774884
F: 08444 774797

Colourcell Media Indicating Filter Cell

Part no: Colourcell Media Filter Cell

Here at AAC Eurovent, we are the leaders in air & liquid phase filtration technology, we offer an AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System, which is a first stage analysis activated carbon indicator. This product is now widely specified by Architects and Consulting Engineers when working on filtration projects that involve activated carbon. Features and benefits include: o Low initial cost o Refillable o Multi compartments to prevent settling o State of the art patented technology By monitoring changes in the appearance of the media contained within the filter cell, condition of the installed activated carbon can be easily assessed. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Colourcell Media Indicating Filter Cell

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