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AAC Eurovent Ltd.
Unit K, Maybrook Industrial Estate
Maybrook Road, Brownhills
West Midlands
T: 0844 4774884
F: 08444 774797

Passive Vents

Part no: Passive Vents

Here at AAC Eurovent, we are the leaders in air & liquid phase filtration technology; we offer a range of AAC PV range of Passive Activated Carbon Filters, which have been designed for absorbing vent gases from sewerage process and digestion tanks on a passive basis. Features include: High quality polypropylene filters Disposable/refillable filter cell containing up to 18 kg of activated carbon Capacity of up to 430m3/h to give a minimum of 0.5 second dwell time at maximum flow rate Typical applications include: o Sludge Holding Tanks o Sewage holding Tanks o Fume Cupboard Exhausts For forced ventilation applications fan assisted versions are also available. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Passive Vents

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