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Brian Milligan Associates
57 Wensley Road

M7 3GJ
T: 0161 792 2269
F: 0161 792 2269
W: Brian Milligan Associates

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Air Sampling, Cheshire

Part no: Air Sampling, Cheshire

Brian Milligan Associates are the UK Environmental Consultants specialising in Occupational Hygiene and Workplace Health and Safety, and we have a wealth of experience in measuring exposure to a wide range of airborne contaminants.

Types of contaminants include:
Visible Hazards
Wood Dust
Flour Dust etc
Insidious Hazards
Heaxavalent Chromium etc

Air sampling may be required as part of a COSHH Assessment.

The types of Air Sampling surveys available include:
Passive Sampling
Static Samplers
Employees wearing personal sampling equipment which consists of a battery operated pump

To ensure accuracy of measurement some planning in terms of technique is required, therefore in order to provide you with a quote and methodology, we would usually visit your site and discuss your reasons for Air Sampling beforehand.

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