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Environmental Street Furniture Ltd.
Valley Business Centre
67 Church Road, Belfast
County Antrim
BT36 7LS
T: 0845 606 6095
W: Exterior Environmental Street Furniture Supplier

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  • 2: Eclipe Litter Bin
  • 3: Eclipe Litter Bin
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Eclipe Litter Bin

Part no: Eclipe Litter Bin

Here at Environmental Street Furniture Ltd. we specialise in supplying our customers with an extensive range of exterior Street Furniture Products. We also specialise in exterior lighting (including LEDs) & highway products.

The Eclipe Litter Bin is an Elegant Litter Bin.  The elegant soft shape of the Eclipe shows it's true character & it is available with or without a top canopy.

The bin is available with a central leg or else a 'knife edge shaped' flat steel plate.

The installation anchoring options allow for steep terrain and also for paving around the base while offering easy access for cleaning under the bin.

The range is complemented by a wall mounted version, especially suitable for narrow streets in towns & cities.

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