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Compact & Bale Ltd
Unit 6 the Hop Kilns
Goblands Farm Business Centre
TN11 0LT
T: 01732 85 22 44
W: Waste Management Solutions

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Packmat Mobile Roll Compactors

Here at Compact & Bale Ltd we specialise in waste management solutions & supply compaction equipment from Europe’s leading manufacturers.

One of the product ranges we offer our customers includes Packmat Mobile Roll Compactors.

The Packmat Mobile Roll Compactors are designed to compact waste in open hooklift containers. By compacting the waste by up to 80% fewer containers are used saving money.

Key Benefits include:

Reduce the skips filled by up to 80% with just a few minutes compaction per fill
Break even against 5 year lease typically achieved at around 7 bins saved per week
Reductions of 35 bins per week, down from 50 to 15 bins across all materials, are typical
Compact all materials including aggregates, metals, wood, cardboard, paper, general waste etc
2,450kg roller drum Up to twice as effective in half the time
Heavy duty 
Twin motor system turns drum forward or reverse at variable speeds while rolling in either direction
Shreds & destroys waste & is used to clear waste back within the bin to ensure even loading
Lifts & moves full bins weighing up to 10t 
Bins lifted on forks not dragged therefore avoiding damage to site surfaces 
Models available include:
For more information on our Packmat Mobile Roll Compactors, please visit our website.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Packmat Mobile Roll Compactors

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