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Compact & Bale Ltd
Unit 6 the Hop Kilns
Goblands Farm Business Centre
TN11 0LT
T: 01732 85 22 44
W: Waste Management Solutions

  • 1: Strautmann FP 200 Drum Press
  • 2: Strautmann FP 200 Drum Press

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Strautmann FP 200 Drum Press

Here at Compact & Bale Ltd we specialise in waste management solutions & supply compaction equipment from Europe’s leading manufacturers.

One of the product ranges we offer our customers includes Strautmann FP 200 Drum Press.

The Strautmann FP 200 Drum Press compacts drums to a fraction of the size uses a stroke ram.

Key benefits:
Proven German Manufacturer
Volume Reduction Of Up To 90% Of Drums
Heavy Duty Design, Proven Long Life
Up to 30t Compaction Force
Full Sroke Ram for Maximum Volume Reduction
Heavy Duty Construction- Weighs 1600kg+
Extremely Stable Press Plate
TopPlus® Guiding System for Distortion Free Compaction 
Built in sump for liquid collection
Easy and safe to use
Competitive Pricing
For more information on our Strautmann FP 200 Drum Press, please visit our website.

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Trade Link: Strautmann FP 200 Drum Press

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