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GEA Farm Technologies
GEA Farm Technologies in UK
Stoneleigh Park
T: 024 76 692 333
F: 02476 698 398
W: Supplier Of Manure Systems And Barn Equipment For Livestock.

  • 1: PCool-Open Type Milk Cooling Tank
  • 2: PCool-Open Type Milk Cooling Tank

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PCool-Open Type Milk Cooling Tank

Part no: PCool-Open Type Milk Cooling

Here at GEA Farm Technologies we specialise in the production of innovative solutions in animal hygiene, we create manure systems and barn equipment for livestock to provide farmers a cost effective way to produce milk to the highest standard.
One of the products we offer our customers includes PCool-Open Type Milk Cooling Tank.
The PCool-Open Type Milk Cooling Tank ensures your milk is cooled efficiently and maintains its high quality.
Key Features include:
Available from 320 to 1950 litres
Insulated with high quality CFC-free polyurethane foam
Agitator stops automatically when lid opened
A4 electronic control
Low energy consumption
Cooling unit can be installed with a calf feeder system
Easy-to-read digital display
Start up delay during first milking for gentle milk cooling
High tolerance and reliable 
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