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AB Vista
AB Vista Headquarters, Woodstock Court
Blenheim Road, Marlborough Business Park
T: 01672 517650
W: Global Suppliers of Feed Ingredients

Vistabet Betaine Feed Additive

Here at AB Vista, we specialise in the supply of new generation micro-ingredients for animal feeds.

One of the products we offer is Vistabet, a product containing betaine which is used to cope with variations in salt concentration and temperature.

We offer Vistabet in both liquid and crystalline forms.

Key Features:

Natural-extracted from sugar beet molasses
Liquid Vistabet has minimum 34% betaine
Expiry is 2 years from manufacture date
Crystalline Vistabet is heat stable up to 200°C
Liquid Vistabet remains liquid until -30°C
Preserves gut integrity
Improves carcass quality
Attractant for fish and shrimp

Vistabet is beneficial for poultry, pigs, freshwater and marine fish, goats, dairy cows, sheep, horse, crustaceans and calves.

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

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Trade Link: Vistabet Betaine Feed Additive

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