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AB Vista
AB Vista Headquarters, Woodstock Court
Blenheim Road, Marlborough Business Park
T: 01672 517650
W: Global Suppliers of Feed Ingredients

  • 1: Vistacell Value-Added Yeast
  • 2: Vistacell Value-Added Yeast

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Vistacell Value-Added Yeast

Here at AB Vista, we specialise in the supply of new generation micro-ingredients for animal feeds.

One of the products we offer is Vistacell, a live yeast product for improved rumen function. It increases both milk yields as well as live weight gain.

We also offer Vistacell AB, a combination of Vistacell and Acid Buf.

Key Features:

Increases PH of rumen
Reduces number of lactic acid producing microbes
Increases number of fibre-digesting microbes
Highly stable-24 month storage
Proven results
1.25x1010 CFU/g cell count
Spherical granules-enhanced thermostability

Vistacell is beneficial for horses, piglets, dairy cows, beef cattle and sows.

Use our Vistacell Calculator to determine the inclusion for each species, and to ensure you are getting premium results.

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

For more information click on our Trade Link.

Trade Link: Vistacell Value-Added Yeast

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