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Gastec Airtec Breathing Air Purity Test Kit

Part no: Airqual 1

The quality of breathing air is vital in terms of Health and Safety. The British/European Standard EN12021 defines the maximum contaminant parameters for breathing air and states that tests for volume flow and quality should be carried out at least once a month.

The Gastec AirQual Test Kit from Elite Measurement confirms the level of oil mist, water vapour, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide present in compressed air. In addition to the detection of compressed air contaminants the air quality test kit also features an Oxygen analyser allowing for constant real-time display of the oxygen content within the compressed air system.

The system has in-built temperature, pressure and flow measurement capabilities and is easily re-calibrated by the user ensuring no long term expensive calibration or repair costs. At 4kg and packaged in an aluminium casing, the AIRQUAL-1 is rugged, lightweight and does not require charging, meaning that it can even be used in situations where power isn’t accessible.

The air quality test kit is not only suitable for industrial compressed air testing but also, the additional O2 analysing feature enables compressed air lines that supply breathing apparatus/ air / respiratory protection equipment (RPE) to be tested to the latest national & international standards and in accordance with the latest requirements for air purity as described in BS EN12021.

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