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Brosch Direct
South Fen Road

PE10 0DN
T: 01733 230 230
F: 01733 230 333
W: Brosch Direct

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House Keeping Supplies

Here at Brosch Direct Ltd we specialise in supplying products to support Doctors, Dentists, Vet's, Care Workers & many more health related professions.

We have a wide range of House Keeping supplies including:

Cleaning Chemicals - Air Fresheners & Odour Control, Carpet & Fabric Care, Multi Surface/All Purpose Cleaners, Multi Surface Cleaners with Bleach, Disinfectants, Sanitisers, Limescale Remover/Descaler, Stainless Steel Cleaners, Cream Cleaners, Floor Care, Glass Cleaner, Polish, Specialist Cleaners, Bleach, Kitchen Sprays/Degreasers, Oven Cleaners, Drain Cleaners, Washing Up Detergents, Dishwasher Products, Washroom Cleaners, Toilet Cleaners, Automotive Cleaning, Insect Spray and Chemical Dispensing

Laundry – Powder, Liquid, Liquitabs, Tablets, Fabric Conditioner, Stain Remover and Autodosing

Janitorial Equipment – Mopping, Brushes and Brooms, Squeegees, Buckets, Vacuum Cleaning,Cleaning Equipment,Cloths, Clinical Waste and Sponges & Scourers.

Refuse Sacks/Bin Liners – Refuse Sacks, Compactor Sacks/ Wheelie Bin Liners, Bin Liners, Clinical Waste Sacks and Laundry Sacks

Bins – Waste Bins, Sanitary Bins and Bags

Catering Consumables - Clingfilm/Foil/Parchment, Disposable Cups, Kitchen Rolls & Napkins, Tray Paper, Tea & Coffee

General Household – Batteries, Laundry Bins


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