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  • 1: Raychem Trace Heating Thermostat Controllers
  • 2: Raychem Trace Heating Thermostat Controllers
  • 3: Raychem Trace Heating Thermostat Controllers
  • 4: Raychem Trace Heating Thermostat Controllers

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Raychem Trace Heating Thermostat Controllers

The Raychem Raystat range of thermostat and controllers offer a variety of systems for the control and monitoring suited to Raychem heat trace heating cables and systems.

The Raychem Raystat brand encompass products that range from the most proven, economical and simple mechanical thermostats i.e. Raystat EX-02 to NGC-20, NGC-30 and NGC-40 control systems the very latest innovations in local control and central monitoring systems for electric heat trace heating .

All Raychem Raystat thermostats and controllers are compatible with and compliment the Raychem range of self regulating, constant wattage, power limiting, series resistance or mineral insulated electric heat trace heating cables.

Each Raychem Raystat thermostat or controller provides customers with a unique level of technical features and benefits depending on the process and temperature requirements and the number of circuits. Together with the Raychem heat trace heating tapes (EHT) the Raystat controllers can provide from simple single line control to complete heat management systems for an entire industrial installation, providing solutions such as process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, longline heating, flow assurance, hot water temperature maintenance, roof and gutter de-icing , surface snow melting, frost heave prevention and floor heating.

What to consider before selecting a Raychem Raystat thermostat;
1.Choose the objective for your control i.e
2.Select the appropriate method of control
3.Determine the control and monitoring philosophy

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