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Brosch Direct
South Fen Road

PE10 0DN
T: 01733 230 230
F: 01733 230 333
W: Brosch Direct

  • 1: First Aid and Medical Supplies
  • 2: First Aid and Medical Supplies
  • 3: First Aid and Medical Supplies
  • 4: First Aid and Medical Supplies

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First Aid and Medical Supplies

Here at Brosch Direct Ltd we specialise in supplying products to support Doctors, Dentists, Vet's, Care Workers & many more health related professions.

We have a wide range of first aid and medical supplies including:

First Aid - First Aid Kits, Burn Care, Eye Care, Cleansing Wipes, Hot/Cold Therapy, Airways/Resuscitation and First Aid Sundries

Dressing & Woundcare – Plasters, Tapes, Bandages, Would Dressing, Swabs, Cotton Wool, Procedure Packs and Dressing Aids

Blades/Stitch Cutters – Surgical Blades, Surgical Blade Handles, Disposable Scalpels, Sutures, Stitch Cutters and Blade Removal

Scissors/Forceps - Scissors/Forceps, Single Use Scissors/Forceps

Theatre Consumables – Theatre Wear, Gowns, Surgical Drapes and Scrub Brushes

Injection & Infusion - Needles & Syringes, Catheters/Cannulas/Infusion, Tourniquets and Injection Ancillaries

Testing & Analysis – Urine, Blood, Glucose, Drug, Respiratory, Pregnancy, Ultrasound, Gynacology, Dermatology and Testing Sundries

Chiropody Products - Chiropody Burs, Nail Curettes, Nail Cutters, Nail Elevators, Nail Files and Rasps, Nail Probes & Spatulas, Podiatry Packs and Podiatry Sundries

Pulp Products - Urinals, Bowls & Liners, Trays, Lids, Dispensing Racks, Supports and Sluice Detergent

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