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Elite Measurement Solutions Ltd
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W: Gastec Tubes, Dust Monitors, Noise Meters & Gas Detector Suppliers

Gastec Dosi Tubes

Part no: Gastec Dosi Tubes

With the requirement to monitor personnel exposure to toxic gases, the Gastec passive Dosi-tube system is designed to provide an easy and accurate measurement that requires no pump or laboratory analysis.

The Gastec standard tube system measures substances at a specific moment in time, the Dosi-tube system however provides the level of exposure to a worker over an extended time period, such as a working shift, producing an average concentration of exposure commonly known as a Time Weighted Average (TWA

The TWA measurement system consists of Gastec Dosi-tubes and a tube holder. The tube and tube holder can be attached to the breathing zone of people within the work place or installed in work areas to act as an area monitor for a prolonged length of time (1 to 10 hours) to measure personal exposure and TWA values. Air diffuses passively through the tube and reacts, like the standard detector tube system, with the detecting reagent within the tube producing a stain.

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