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All Seasons Hire Ltd
Harewood Farm
London Road
SP11 6LJ
T: 01264 387 370
F: 01264 358478
W: Chiller Hire, Boiler Hire, Air Conditioning Hire

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Chiller Hire Birmingham

Part no: Chiller Hire Birmingham

Here at All Seasons Hire Ltd. we are the cooling and heating hire specialists. We have a complete range of chillers available for hire suitable or a number of cooling applications. We have extensive experience in installing temporary chillers for process cooling and air conditioning applications. As a result of our continually growing chiller rental fleet, our hire chillers are modern, energy efficient models. We also hire out boilers, air conditioning units and heaters. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Chiller Hire Birmingham

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