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Axair Fans UK Ltd
Lowfield Drive
T: 01782 349430
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Photo 1: Centrifugal fans for marine applications

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Centrifugal fans for marine applications

Date: 17/06/2013

By: Fabien Carbonell

Axair Fans offer a range of fans appropriate for marine and offshore applications. Fans used in these conditions need to be designed to withstand extremely harsh and corrosive surroundings. There is a variety of centrifugal fans available in stainless steel or marine grade finishes such as C3, C4 and C5M. These are according to ISO 12944, which describes the types of paint and paint systems commonly used for corrosion protection of steel structures. CH3 applies to urban and industrial atmospheres and production areas with high humidity while C4 applies to industrial and coastal environments and chemical processing plants. Finally, C5M applies to high salinity found in marine, offshore and coastal areas. There are also two medium pressure, forward curved centrifugal fans available for marine service are the CMP/MAR and the CMPI. While the CMP/MAR has a casing with painting type C3, CMPI has a galvanised steel impeller for chemical, aggressive or marine environments. Both are available performance from 830 to 16500 m³/h and diameter from 160 to 500mm and pressures up to 2700Pa. Also the CMRG is a backward curve single inlet centrifugal fan with a galvanised steel impeller in stainless steel for chemical, aggressive or marine environments. Many of the fans use a class F motor and have an IP55 rating against dust and hosed water. In most cases where the finish is C3, C4 and C5M are available upon request. Motors do not need to be compliant with naval classifications, but can be upon request, including Bureau Verita (BV), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR) and many others. Contact Axair Fans for assistance in technical or application queries.

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