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Axair Fans UK Ltd
Lowfield Drive
T: 01782 349430
F: 01782 349439
W: Axair Fans UK Ltd

Photo 1: High temperature fans from Axair

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High temperature fans from Axair

Date: 24/05/2013

By: Fabien Carbonell

Etri is famous for military specification fans and other specialist industries such as aerospace, railway and defence. Etri has launched the 125XR51 series of compact fans in 120 x 38mm size for high temperature. The compact frame axial fan which is 120 x 120 x 38mm (sometimes referred to as “box fan”) is one of the most popular fan on the market and widely used in many applications from refrigeration to entertainment, electronic cooling to sunbeds. However, a good quality fan fitted with ball bearings can withstand a maximum temperature of 70°C which is the norm for any ac supply fan with the motor inside the airstream. Thanks to specific construction including class F winding and high temperature bearings, ETRI 125XR series frame fan is suitable for operating temperatures up to 100°C. They are available in 115 and 230V. This is perfect for applications when there is no room for special “hot gas” type fans, or retrofitting an enclosure originally fitted with a standard fan because the operating temperature has been underestimated. For more information and technical advice contact the Axair team.

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