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Lowfield Drive
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Photo 1: Motor weather cowl

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Motor weather cowl

Date: 24/05/2013

By: Fabien Carbonell

When using an outdoor installation, it is important to protect the motor from adverse weather conditions. This maximises efficiency and prolongs the life of the installation. A normal pedestal with a high IP rating motor will be naturally protected, however this protection may prove unreliable. Axair Fans offer two solutions, firstly a motor weather cowl. The motor cover or cowl is designed for increased protection against the elements for IP55 motors. It can be fitted to a new fan from the factory or retro fitted to existing fans already on site. The device is offered as a rain cover to help protect the fan motor and is easy to install and easy to remove for motor inspection. The cowl is available in three sizes to fit all our range of fans. The cowl is offered as a motor shelter and is not intended to replace the successful weather protecting pedestal we have supplied for a number of years. The weather pedestal offers a more enclosed casing which totally covers the terminal. Whatever the protection needs of your outdoor installation, contact Axair Fans today for more information.

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