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Axair Fans UK Ltd
Lowfield Drive
T: 01782 349430
F: 01782 349439
W: Axair Fans UK Ltd

Photo 1: Steel covers for fan filter units

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Steel covers for fan filter units

Date: 24/05/2013

By: Fabien Carbonell

Designed for use with the “FPF”, “FF” and “GF” series, stainless steel covers provide protection against direct hosed water and foreign objects. They are particularly suitable for outdoor use and within the food industry. With easily removable and washable covers they make the unit completely weatherproof providing protection against rain, snow, direct sunlight or vandalism which normal plastic may be vulnerable to. With a stainless steel construction and a permanent gasket included, they are easy to keep clean and are available in all sizes 08, 12, 13, 15 and 20.The steel covers can be retrofitted onto existing cabinets and can be steam cleaned or sterilised. With corrosion resistant and anti-bacterial properties, stainless steel has a chrome oxide layer, preventing any reaction between the surface and product. This prevents corrosion contamination. For more information on steel covers and other thermal management accessories contact Axair Fans.

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