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Thinking outside of the box

Date: 17/06/2013

By: Fabien Carbonell

We were approached by a customer and asked to provide the capability to increase the operating temperature of their cabinet up to a maximum of 68°C. The “FPF” which was used in the unit at the time was only able to handle 55°C maximum air temperature. The team here at Axair Fans established two possible solutions. The first being to use a negative pressure system i.e. the fan extracts the heated air from the cabinet and ambient air is sucked in to cool the cabinet meaning the fan is exposed to the full operating temperature inside the cabinet. If the system is reversed to provide a positive pressure i.e. the fan blows into the cabinet the fan and motor are only exposed to ambient air from outside, another advantage is that as the cabinet is pressurised, dust and other ingress is kept out as air will escape from gaps in the cabinet fittings. Unfortunately this idea was rejected and we went back to the drawing board. The customer insisted the cabinet was negatively pressurised as their original design. We proposed Ecofit's two basket guard mounted Ø250 axial fan in place of the original Fandis “FPF” extracting the heated air from inside the cabinet as the Ecofit fan is able to handle a maximum air temperature of 70°C. The air inlet is provided by Fandis filter grills so the air coming into the cabinet is clean and filtered providing the solution which was subsequently approved and ordered by the customer. For more information on fan filter units or high temperature fans contact the Axair team today.

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