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Babcock Wanson UK Ltd
Elstree Way 7

T: 0208 953 7111
F: 0208 207 5177
W: Babcock Wanson UK Ltd

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Thermal Fluid Heaters

Here at Babcock Wanson we specialise in the supply of industrial boilers and burners, thermal oxidisers, air treatment, water treatment and all associated services.

We have several ranges of thermal fluid heaters and bespoke solutions to suit your requirements:

TPC series, TPC-H series, TPC-LN series, TPC-AS series, EPC-ES series, EPC-H series

Key Features include:

Integrated gas, oil or dual fuel burner
Closed circuit no loss system
Operational up to 350°C at atmospheric pressure
Pumpable down to minus 20°C
Removes pressure, scale formation, corrosion and frost problems
Non-pressurised system
Low CO2 and NOX emissions
Simple design and ease of use

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Trade Link: Thermal Fluid Heaters

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