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Anderson Floor Warming Ltd.
Unit 119, Atlas Express Industrial Estate
1 Rutherglen Road
G73 1SX
T: 0141 647 6716
F: 0141 647 6751
W: Underfloor Heating, Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Part no: Heat Recovery Ventilation

Here at Anderson Floor Warming and Renewables, we specialise in heating from renewable energy. We are based in Glasgow and we provide our services throughout Scotland and Northern England, however we will also design and supply kit for the whole of the UK. One of the products we supply and install is Heat Recovery Ventilation; this is an effective and economical controlled ventilation system. Lack of ventilation can lead to: Unpleasant smells Build up of potentially toxic gases How it works? Using a counter flow heat exchanger, moist, stale air is extracted from the building, and then replaced with clean filtered fresh air, without allowing the heat to escape. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Heat Recovery Ventilation

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