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Altirium Ltd.
Building 439 Westcott Venture Park
HP18 0XB
T: 01296 658737
F: 01296 658286
W: Professional Data Recovery

Altirium Ltd. Profile

Here at Altirium we specialise data recovery and conversion both within the UK and also globally.

Altririum was founded back in 1984 and since then we have focussed on delivering technical data services rather than sales.

Our team of staff have experience in a wide range of skills from Data Migration and Data Conversion, whether it is processing data from a single tape or a library containing thousands of data cartridges, and the processing of data from tape archives for Computer Forensic Investigation and Civil Litigation.

Our Professional Data Recovery Services include:

  • Data Recovery - Hard drive data recovery services, Backup tape data recovery services, RAID data recovery services, NAS data recovery services

  • Data Conversion - Data Conversion Services, Tape Conversion Services, Optical & Disk Conversion

  • Data Migration - Data Migration Services, Tape Migration Services, Data Conversion Service

  • Computer Forensics - Tape Forensic Processing, Compliance and Governance, Forensic Data Recovery

We have successfully been audited by QMD, an independent audit company and in November 2012 we achieved the Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 certification.

We are proud to offer our services to individuals and business customers:

Total discretion and confidentiality
Professional and expert service
Data security in the hands of experienced professionals
Commitment to give you the result that you need.

Contact us today and you will receive assistance from a team of professionals who understand your needs, can adapt to your requirements, and won't treat you as just an order number.

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