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Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.
Longfield Road
North Farm Industrial Estate
Tunbridge Wells
T: 01892 500430
W: Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

Abbe 60 DR & 95 Refractometers

The latest designs incorporate an externally mounted LED light source for sample illumination. A wavelength compensation device is used to ‘achromatise' to the mean sodium wavelength (589.3nm). Refractive Index can be read directly from a scale divided to 0.001 allowing for estimation to ±0.0001. Temperature control can be achieved by circulation of water; prism temperature is displayed in digital form. Direct reading models are particularly suitable for the measurement of sugar solutions and sugar content of food and drink products. They can also be used to determine the refractive index of pure liquids, solutions and formulated products including; flavourings, fragrances, oils and fats, solvents, plastics, resins, adhesives and many other industrial chemicals.


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