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Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.
Longfield Road
North Farm Industrial Estate
Tunbridge Wells
T: 01892 500430
W: Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

Digital OPTi Brix 54 Handheld Refractometer

Part no: Code: 38-02

Single Scale Model - Digital Brix 54 Handheld Refractometer There are many different models within the OPTi family, this model is from our Wine, Beer, Food & Beverage range. This new range of highly reliable premium instruments was designed in 2011, and is manufactured in the UK. Specification: Scale - Sugar % (°Brix) Range - 0-54 Resolution - 0.1 Accuracy - ±0.2 ATC - Bx Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Digital OPTi Brix 54 Handheld Refractometer

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