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Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.
Longfield Road
North Farm Industrial Estate
Tunbridge Wells
T: 01892 500430
W: Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

E-Line ATC Economy Refractometers

Part no: E-Line ATC Refractometer

Hand Held Refractometers - E-Line ATC Economy Refractometers The low cost models within the E-line ATC range of hand held refractometers are specifically suited for light industrial use within small to medium sized businesses handling a wide range of products, these include: Fruit Beverages Confectionery Jam and other sugar based products In addition the E-Line Economy Refractometer can be used for calculating concentration or blend ratios of heat transfer fluids like glycol, antifreeze, cutting fluids and quenchants. Features: Low Cost Selection of ranges Temperature compensated Range of Models to Choose From: Food, Beverage, Sugar & General Models Special Application Models Wine Models Manufactured from alloy with an outer sheath of rubber to prevent heat entering the instrument from the operators hand. Supplied in a hard case with a 12-month warranty from Bellingham + Stanley. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: E-Line ATC Economy Refractometers

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