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Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.
Longfield Road
North Farm Industrial Estate
Tunbridge Wells
T: 01892 500430
W: Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

RFM300+ Series Refractometers

Part no: Codes: 22-30, 22-40

RFM300+ Refractometers RFM300+ series refractometers are considered by many leading companies as the ultimate instrument for installation in demanding factory environments as well as for use as a primary quality control tool. Available in two formats and allows the measurement of: Homogenous fluids like juices, sodas, sauces and edible oils Difficult to read samples like fruit pulps and industrial resins. Measurement Features: Very high accuracy Brix* Easy clean prism Wide Range - 1.32 to 1.58 RI Standard RI and Brix range User Scale Library Sucrose SG Scales 5-decimal place RI Wide Temperature Range Peltier Temperature Control SMART temperature stability Auto read function Software Features: Dual scale display Improved navigation Measurement Methods Rapid method offsetting Method specific resolution Auto-resolution function Temperature Stability Checks Reading Limits Check Calibration Log/Audit Reports PIN Protection Barcode Reader option GLP Printout 700 stored results Tabular form of saved results 21 CFR Part 11 Audit Trails Display language options Optional software is also available at point of order to allow use in an environment controlled by FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 as well as optional devices that allow use in wet and humid factory environments, offering ultimate protection under the worst of environmental conditions. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: RFM300+ Series Refractometers

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