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Global Optics UK Ltd.
Unit 6 Branksome Business Park
Bourne Valley Road
BH12 1DW
T: 01202 767476
F: 01202 547209
W: Global Optics UK Ltd.

Fused Silica Windows

Part no: Fused Silica

Optical Material Data – Fused Silica Windows Fused Silica – Si02 Optical Material used for lenses, windows, prisms, mirrors and filters. Windows are used to isolate different physical environments whilst allowing light to pass. When selecting windows it is important to consider the following: Materials Transmission Scattering Wavefront Distortion Parallelism Resistance to certain environments Material Specification: Transmission Range – 0.2-4.5 µ Cleavage Plane – None Colour – Colourless Density -2.202 Melting Point (°) - 1710 (Softening Point) Reflection Loss – 6.3% (2µ) for 2 surfaces Solubility Index - Insoluble Hardness (Knoop) – 461.0 Thermal Conductivity (Cal/cm sec°C) – 2.82x10-3 (41°C) Thermal Expansion coefficient (/°C) -0.5x10-6 (20-900°C) Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Fused Silica Windows

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