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Image Optics Ltd.
Image House, Harvey Road
Burnt Mills Industrial Estate
SS13 1ES
T: 01268 728477
F: 01268 590445
W: Image Optics Ltd.

Optical Mirrors Hot & Cold UV & IR

Part no: Optical Mirrors

Mirrors are available in the following materials as standard: BK7 Sapphire B270 Soda Lime U/V Silica Zerodur Borofloat (Pyrex) Zinc Crown Float Glass And are available as Plano, Concave or Convex Cold Mirrors are used for Heat Reflection. A hot mirror is a specialized dielectric mirror, to protect optical systems; a dichroic filter is often used by reflecting infrared light back into a light source, while allowing visible light to pass. Features of Hot Mirrors: Hot mirrors can be designed to be inserted into the optical system at an incidence angle varying between 0-45 degrees Useful in a variety of applications where heat build-up can damage components or adversely affect spectral characteristics of the illumination source. Wavelengths reflected by an infrared hot mirror range from about 750 - 1250 nanometers. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Optical Mirrors Hot & Cold UV & IR

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