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Photo 1: Knowledge Management & Pharma Industry

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Knowledge Management & Pharma Industry

Date: 08/08/2014

By: Sue White

What part is Knowledge Management playing and going to play in the vital Pharmaceutical international industry?

Blending the authors’ considerable experiences with those of interviewees and with their retrospective and forward-looking perspectives, this volume explains how to apply Knowledge Management in a variety of environments in order to achieve improved efficiency, better decision making and enhanced innovation.

This is achieved by exploring Knowledge Management tools and techniques within the changing landscape of the pharmaceutical industry.

‘This isn't just a book describing the theory of knowledge management, but rather an illustration of how it can be applied to the real, challenging world of the pharmaceutical industry. For those attempting to improve ways of working collaboratively in pharma, look here for some practical and pre-tested ideas, even if a formal KM strategy is already in place.’  - Alison Zartarian, AstraZeneca

About the Authors

Elisabeth Goodman (BSc Biochemistry, MSc Information Science) has 25+ years experience in Information Management and Business Consulting in Pharmaceutical R&D. She co-led SmithKline Beecham Information Management’s organisational Knowledge Management strategy and later joined an internal GSK business consulting team to foster knowledge working within the team and more widely. Elisabeth now runs RiverRhee Consulting, whose primary aim is to enhance team effectiveness.

John Riddell (BSc Chemistry) has 30+ years' experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. He played a key role in GlaxoSmithKline Manufacturing’s Knowledge Management programme, spread across 80 global locations, from inception through to its embedding in operational functions. John was responsible for a wide range of activities including leading the communities of practice programme, managing the expertise location system, and developing knowledge transfer techniques.

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