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Filter Devices - a devision of Helapet Ltd
Lister House
Blackburn Road
Houghton Regis
T: 01582 501 980
F: 01582 501 981
W: Filter Devices

Air/Gas Filtration - ISOVent® FH1551

Part no: ISOVent® FH1551

Here at Filter Devices we supply a range of filters for vacuum pumps, equipment protection, clarification and inkjet applications, for air, liquids and gases. One of the products we supply includes the ISOVent ® FH1551 resistant to commonly used chemicals and it also has excellent thermal properties. This product provides a number of benefits including: Our PTFE is rated at 0.2μm sterilising air and is inherently hydrophobic to resist moisture in air and gas filtration. Manufactured with ¼” stepped barb as standard Filters are tested to withstand pressures up to 50 psi PTFE and housing compatible with a wide range of chemicals & more. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Air/Gas Filtration - ISOVent® FH1551

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