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Filter Devices - a devision of Helapet Ltd
Lister House
Blackburn Road
Houghton Regis
T: 01582 501 980
F: 01582 501 981
W: Filter Devices

JetInk FH3597 – WPE Filter

Part no: JetInk FH3597 – WPE Filter

Here at Filter Devices we supply a range of filters for vacuum pumps, equipment protection, clarification and inkjet applications, for air, liquids and gases. One of the products we supply includes the JetInk FH3597, this WPE filter is designed for the protection of pumps in Ink Jet printing. It ensures maximum protection and clarification of ink while maintaining the optimum flow. This product provides a number of benefits including: Rated at absolute filtration for particles ≥ 40μm Jaco connector allows for secure and easy fitting to tubing, maintaining performance. Filters are tested to withstand up to 50 psi Ideally suited to the Continuous Ink Jet industry as a pre‐pump filter & more. We are also able to offer brand marketing by adding your logo to the filter housing using our tampo printing technology. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: JetInk FH3597 – WPE Filter

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