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Branson Leisure Ltd
Fosters Croft
Foster Street
CM17 9HS
T: 01279 432151
F: 01279 432151
W: Craftsmen in Contract Seating & Furniture

  • 1: Epping With Back Steel Bench
  • 2: Epping With Back Steel Bench
  • 3: Epping With Back Steel Bench

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Epping With Back Steel Bench

Part no: Epping Steel Bench

Here at Branson Leisure Ltd. we have acquired a wealth of experience in the contract hardwood seating and street furniture market. One of our products includes the Epping With Back Steel Bench. 100% Steel Construction. Coated with PPA571, advantages of this include: Extremely long life Corrosion resistance in hostile environments Aesthetic longevity Low toxicity Low fume toxicity Warm to the touch Low fungal growth & more. 4 sizes to choose from. Visit our website to view our photo gallery & client testimonials. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Epping With Back Steel Bench

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